Stop smoking

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Stop smoking with hypnosis works


The effectiveness of hypnosis intended to enable the person to shut up there with smoking has been demonstrated in an impressive number of systematic scientific research. The rest: hypnosis is probably the technique of choice for intervene in these cases, at least according to the more systematic analysis of clinical research in the field.

We bring some examples of such research, but you can add dozens of similar systems.

At the University of Texas at Temple was administered a hypnotic treatment in 30 adult subjects, producing the result that 81% had quit smoking, according to a follow-up conducted in the following days, while 48% still not smoking after twelve months [Elkins and Rajab].
The University of California at Stanford, with 226 adult smokers who are given a single session of restructuring behavior, including self-hypnosis: a week after he quit smoking 51%, while after two weeks, 23% still not smoking [Spiegel et Al].
At Baylor University in Waco, Texas, 20 adult smokers are randomly assigned: 10 to an intense hypnotic treatment to quit smoking, and 10 no treatment. Is then checked if they quit smoking, and asking them directly or verifying it with the clinical objective of respiration, performed after 3 months and 6 months after the end of treatment. Among the subjects who did not receive any treatment: none appears to have stopped smoking. Among the subjects hypnotically: after 3 months, 60% is objectively non-smoker, and after six months, still not smoking 40% of the initial sample [Elkins et Al].
Although several meta-analyzes systematically dozens and dozens of evidence-based controlled trials on the use of hypnosis to overcome tobacco addiction, definitely confirm these excellent google7343b4dc62ac9368.html


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