Ignorance is one of the greatest enemies of hypnosis


There are many ways in which the typical ignorance hinders hypnosis.

A typical obstacle is represented by the prejudices of those who knows nothing about it, and maybe he jokes about it to hide their lack of preparation. The other obstacle is represented by those who use hypnosis in an approximate way, without seeking continually and constantly update the study of matter.

It ‘difficult to measure which of these two forms of ignorance, does more damage.

Who is hypnosis with enough, or it distances itself from the outset, it acts as those who refused to look through Galileo’s telescope, claiming that everything we saw was in compunque wrong by definition (since they knew from the outset that Galileo was wrong).

Who, caught the enthusiasm of a neophyte, even in good faith (as well as not), it launches to practice hypnosis as well as it is, without patiently hone their technical skills or professional expertise without having a reference on which to base their own practice, helping to spread an image of hypnosis that does not correspond at all to the great potential of this discipline.

Ipnotecnica provides a variety of media, study and learning, to counter these visions ignorant of hypnosis.google-site-verification: google7343b4dc62ac9368.html
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