Hypnosis is not a cure

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Hypnosis is not a cure for disease biology, but is very useful in medicine


Hypnosis is not a cure for disease biology, but is very useful in medicine

It is hard to imagine that it is possible to treat with hypnosis some organic disease.

It is clear, however, that hypnosis can be an important element adjuvant to act on the psychological aspects that are directly or indirectly involved in any kind of suffering, biological or not to be.

Hypnosis can help us all in the face many hardships, expressed through bodily symptoms, which do not seem to have a defined biological etiology.

There is, therefore, those who believe (not without reason) that hypnosis acts as a fact-mental effect, in terms of a significant phenomenon on the existential subjective-psychological but which, although often very useful in practical medicine, on the objective biomedical might lack any concrete reality.

“Hypnosis is not a substitute for medical care. Hypnosis is not a medicine and is not a type of psychotherapy (sometimes also is used by physicians and psychiatrists), but rather an exercise psicotecnico to enable the best use of resources inside that are present in every person, even when the person himself is not fully aware of the potential, so the uses less than it could. remember that a medical examination, and intelligent support of the physician, are always best choice in the case of a physical illness, as well as prevention. Specifically: to address the real mental illness, you must always consult a doctor or psychotherapist. Hypnosis is a great help to someone basically normal, which is to cope with the complex problems of life, but not this is insane. Hypnosis is a valuable support, for example, to overcome the hardships and anxieties of everyday life. Or, when properly accompanied by the doctor’s , hypnosis is an effective psycho support to address many aspects of disease side also true. From the point of view of the quality of life for any person: the fact that they refine their skills trance always helps, sometimes in a decisive way, to achieve a state of greater well-being, happiness and harmony “[ Italian Society of psycho SIPSICO ].
No dental plan to treat a tooth with hypnosis. Yet there are hundreds of dentists in the world, and dozens and dozens in Italy, using the suggestion almost daily.

There are also hundreds of obstetricians in the world, and dozens and dozens in Italy, using hypnosis almost daily, but without believing that children are produced by hypnosis. And so on.google-site-verification: google7343b4dc62ac9368.html


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