Hypnosis is a fundamental tool for counseling

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Hypnosis brings benefit in many circumstances. ‘s the pnotecnica may be useful in substantially all of the situations in which human subjectivity is involved. Where there is a person who suffers or who want to improve their condition: there is an opportunity for hypnosis to help.

The majority of psychological distress stems from the way in which life events are experienced by you, as well as by the difficulties that you may encounter. It often happens that the difficulties weigh more for the fact of being perceived as heavy, even beyond the factual data.

Each of us is well aware, at least in some circumstances, the situation could also be seen in a completely different perspective, but can not bring himself to do it.

How many times that I suffer from pain, or that I’m afraid of fear, rather than actually see me in an impossible situation?

The psychologist works primarily with this dimension of existence: not on biological diseases, which are of medical expertise, but on psychological distress, which takes the form, rather than in real life, in the way each of us lives.

Hypnosis can bring a significant contribution in this direction, since it activates the inner resources of the person bringing it to be the best healer of itself. Hypnosis does not solve the problem, but it changes the perspective from which to view it. For which the problem can be fixed and disappears.

If a person is afraid to get on an elevator, underground or on a plane, the psychologist certainly can not intervene on ingenieristiche quality of these machines, but will provide a significant contribution to use them with confidence.

The elevator or the subway or the plane will remain the same, but the person will use a very different peace than before. In the sense that they use and nothing else, without being there at all to think, like everyone else.

You are the greatest resource for your person. This is just leave your full potential.

Really happen? Well: Ipnotecnica is optimistic. And you will too, after finding out what you’re good (even now).google-site-verification: google7343b4dc62ac9368.html


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