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It ‘very curious that some unwpio xii papa_1939ary still think that the Catholic Church is opposed to hypnosis.

There have been so controversy and misunderstanding, especially with regard to the grosser forms of employment and cialtronesche ipnotecniche for purposes of spectacular or possibly manipulative, but the official Church thinks exactly the opposite. In the sense that appreciates this technique and consider it is certainly useful and charitable to humans.

So he wanted to Pius XII (Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli, 1876-1958), who was Pope for two decades very complex (1939 to 1958). This choice is also mentioned in the documents in the Vatican (which I quote literally in the canonical version).

Pope Pius XII addressed the topic of hypnosis in some official statements ( ex cathedra ) in 1957 and 1958.

The Pope starts from the problem of “Lawfulness of suppression and decreased consciousness.” The question that arises is: “The deprivation of conscience and the use of the higher faculties, caused by narcotics, is compatible with the spirit of the gospel?”

The first issue concerns the role that some had deemed problematic, analgesia and anesthesia chemistry conducted in particular in the context of childbirth and surgical therapy, which Pius XII officially decided (and on its own initiative total) of join hypnotic suggestion, which he defined literally: “Hypnosis, which can be called an analgesic psychic.”

The Pope endorse and support the trance is a subject of scientific study and a useful tool for the reduction of pain, provided of course that this psycho is used properly and conscientiously.

A Pius XII’s concern seems to be about the very fact that hypnosis, as well as analgesia in general: “As an object of scientific research, can not be studied by any one, but only by a serious scholar, in the moral limits apply for every scientific activity. “

The Pope proposes that analgesia or anesthesia, whether obtained chemically or by ipnotecnica suggestive, are not implemented by people, “What if they occupy as an interesting topic, as a pure experience, or even for simple pastime. “

So, after thinking extensively on the correctness or otherwise interfere with suffering as well also depend on the providence of God, the Pope said: “The conclusion of the above considerations can therefore be formulated as follows: to the extent indicated and if you observe the conditions , narcosis that matter any diminution or suppression of consciousness is permitted by moral and is compatible with the spirit of the Gospel. “

The fact that the Catholic Church is favorable to hypnosis, may be more or less interesting for those who use this technique from a position only scientific and secular.

It seems to me, however, useful to have a clear idea in religious and moral matters, reducing any doubts, given the incontrovertible evidence of the views google7343b4dc62ac9368.htmlPioXII_340Director Web Online
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