According to the Harvard Medical School

According to the Harvard Medical School: hypnosis greatly reduces discomfort in surgical patients ( Lancet )


The effectiveness of hypnosis as an analgesic support (ie not exclusive but complementary) in the invasive medical interventions in general, and in particular surgical, has also been demonstrated in a very rigorous research, published in the Lancet.

The survey was coordinated by the Harvard Medical School in Boston and was conducted in collaboration with various clinical departments of various other universities in the United States: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Iowa at Iowa City, Florida at Gainsville, Alabama at Tuscaloosa; Stanford at Stanford.

The sample consisted of 281 adult patients who underwent invasive medical procedures, 82 of them learn self-hypnotic relaxation.

The subjects were instructed all’autoipnosi individually by one of four different instructors (one nurse, two medical students, one graduate student in psychology) who had previously completed a Foundation Course in Hypnosis.

In the group of subjects who have been taught to practice self-hypnosis, with statistically significant differences compared with two different control groups, it is pointed out clearly that: the pain remains at a very low level and the amount of drugs that are administered to implement all the necessary maneuvers intervention is much lower; hemodynamic stability is better; the medical procedure as a whole is completed in a much shorter time (always: compared to control samples).google-site-verification: google7343b4dc62ac9368.html
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